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Welcome to IvySelect College Consulting:
The World’s Finest College Counseling Services

  • Expert: Work with a nationally recognized top college counselor.
  • Elite: Premier college counseling – our specialty is helping high-ability students, gifted students & student-athletes seeking admission to Ivy League, elite & top 100 colleges.
  • Professional: We are one of the best college consultant firms in the U.S.
  • Top College Specialists: Our college counselors focus on working with students gearing for Ivy League admission as well as entry to other top colleges.
  • National Reach: Our college consultants help high-performing students from New York to Los Angeles; from Chicago to Houston and throughout the United States.
  • Global Scope: We are among a handful of international college consultants who have unparalleled college admissions counseling experience working with international students seeking admission to United States, United Kingdom & Canadian universities.
  • Ivy League College Counselor: For those students gearing for Ivy League universities, IvySelect provides peerless assistance. Our Founder, Director & Lead Educational Consultant, Mr. Goran, is a top Ivy League college counselor. He researches the Ivies extensively and is often quoted as an authority on issues dealing with Ivy League admissions by Ivy League university newspapers. Mr. Goran visits the Ivies and interacts with admissions officers from the Ancient Eight on Ivy campuses and at professional development conferences. As an Ivy League college admissions consultant, Mr. Goran amasses detailed information about the academics and campus culture at the Ivies, as well as about the Ivy League admissions process.
  • Best Results: Our college consulting services help maximize our students’ college admissions competitiveness.
  • Unrivaled Strategic Guidance: Each IvySelect college consultant is incredibly skilled at developing a positioning strategy – a detailed academic and extracurricular plan – that helps make our students become winning candidates in the admissions process.
  • Superior Application Advice: IvySelect’s college application counselors possess the know how to help you differentiate your applications & make you rise above the competition.
  • Essay Experts: Our college counseling services include essay brainstorming & individualized essay assistance that are light years beyond others.
  • Stand Out: Incomparable counseling from our college admission consultants on how to make an authentic and passionate case for admission that makes you stand out.
  • College List: Each IvySelect college admissions counselor has the specialized knowledge about top universities to help you find your best fit colleges.
  • Diminish Stress: The college counselors at IvySelect help make the process less stressful for parents & students.
  • Different & Better: Beware! Anyone can call themselves an independent educational consultant, but there is a vast range of quality, talent, intelligence and expertise.
  • Vetted At The Highest Level: Unlike “essay editors,” freelance writers, parents whose children have gotten into Ivy League schools and therefore consider themselves newly minted college “experts” or other would be consultants with lesser or suspect credentials, our Director, Michael Goran, has been vetted by the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), the profession’s leading association of independent educational consultants, as one of only approximately 375 Professional Members in the world to possess the top-level education, skills and experience to be designated a College Specialist .
  • First-Rate Academic Credentials: Our Director is an Ivy League & top tier law school graduate and was an Admissions Interviewer for an Ivy League school.
  • Certificated College Counselor: Mr. Goran is a college admissions consultant whose graduate level training & education was completed through the highly respected UCLA College Counseling Certificate Program.
  • Top-Notch Affiliations: Our Director, Michael Goran, is a top independent educational consultant who has attained membership in the college consulting profession’s major organizations due to his education, experience and adherence to the high ethical standards of good practice of these associations - NACAC, WACAC, HECA, IECA - many who claim to be college admissions counselors cannot meet the qualifications to join these prestigious organizations. He also maintains membership in the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), given his interest in and commitment to gifted students.
  • Years of Experience: Students & parents alike can be confident in knowing that you are in very, very experienced hands with one of the best college counselors in the United States, as Mr. Goran has worked with hundreds and hundreds of students on thousands of applications over nearly a decade of delivering top college admissions consulting help.
  • Consummate Knowledge of Top 100 Colleges: Although our students all aim high, not all our students aspire to or have the qualifications to attend one of the Ivies. There are numerous, excellent very competitive schools that may be much better fits. Mr. Goran visits top 100 colleges and meets with admissions officers at these universities on a regular basis. He attends college-specific conferences that provide important information about these schools. Through extensive reading and research, our Director is poised to offer the superior college admissions counseling that helps his students learn about the top 100 colleges that are right for them.
  • International College Consultant: Few college admissions counselors in the United States are true international college consultants. Mr. Goran is an acknowledged international college-counseling expert, who is uniquely qualified to work with international students, whether they are completing their secondary education in the U.S. or abroad and whether they are seeking a university education in the United States, the United Kingdom or in Canada. He is one of the first and one of only 17 Professional Members of the elite IECA who are also College Specialists to have been granted the International Specialty Designation, recognizing his sophisticated experience, background and education in this specialized area.
  • Incomparable Consulting Staff: All IvySelect college counselors are at the highest level of our profession. Our academic consultants boast impressive Ivy League connections, through education and admissions experience. We are obviously talented and have terrific admissions backgrounds. But equally important, we are also highly intelligent. For students seeking admission to top-tier universities, working with not only experienced but also intelligent counselors can help you shape a more strategically effective approach to the process, as well as help you deliver superior applications and stand out essays. Consider the top-flight credentials of our team members. For example, we have on staff a Senior College Admissions Consultant who is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobiology at the Yale University School of Medicine and has been a member of the Yale Medical School Admissions Committee for the past decade. She is not only a medical school admissions consultant, but works with high school students interested in B.S./M.D. programs as well as those high school students focusing on pre-med and other tracks. Whichever counselor you work with, you can be confident that you are receiving the high-level quality help you need.

  • WE WORK WITH TOP STUDENTS WHOSE ACCEPTANCES INCLUDE: Harvard, Yale, Penn, Wharton, Dartmouth, Brown, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, Stanford, MIT, Cal Tech, Amherst, Williams, Swarthmore, Northwestern, Chicago, Oxford (U.K.), Johns Hopkins, Duke, Washington University in St. Louis, Rice, Georgetown, Emory, Bowdoin, Colgate, Hamilton, USC, Berkeley, UCLA, NYU, Wesleyan, Wellesley, Vassar, Barnard, Boston College, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Michigan, Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Wake Forest, Tulane, BU, Miami, Rochester, etc. B.S./M.D. — Brown Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME), Cal Tech/UCSD, VCU, Penn State/Jefferson, Drexel, & others. Numerous significant merit and/or financial aid scholarships.

  • Unrivaled College Counseling; Unmatched College Consultants: IvySelect  is a high end, boutique college admissions consulting firm that offers the finest in college counseling help for high-achieving students seeking admission to the top universities and colleges in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Each IvySelect  college counselor has the talent, intelligence and experience to bring out the best in our students. For the elite student, our Ivy League college consulting help will make you stand out. Your Ivy League college admissions counselor will assist you in enhancing your competitive stature in an ultra-selective field. For the international student, know that you will have a true international college admissions consultant to offer the specific guidance you require. For students gearing for admission to top 100 private and public colleges and universities, our private college counseling will provide you with the highest level individualized and comprehensive assistance, which is a hallmark of our firm. Quite simply, for all our clients, no matter what their needs or aspirations, we help maximize admissions credentials in order to provide our clients with the greatest range of best-fit college choices.

  • Los Angeles, New York, New Haven, National & International Counseling: We offer our services in person in Los Angeles and Southern California, as well as in the New York metropolitan area and New Haven, Connecticut. In-office visits are supplemented by teleconferencing, email, fax and correspondence. If you’re looking for a top Los Angeles college counselor, Southern California college consultant, or New York counselor, you’ve found the college-consulting firm that meets that requirement. However, our practice extends way beyond our regions. We're among a handful of college admissions consultants who specialize in working with high-achieving students seeking admission to top colleges. As a result, our practice is truly national and international in scope. Our international students come to us from all over the world: China, India, Singapore, the UK, Qatar, Kenya, Argentina, Canada, Russia and beyond. We literally counsel students from every continent except Antarctica! We will fly to you, if required, although all of our services are seamlessly offered in a virtual format using all current communications technology, including webcams and the free technology provided by Skype to videoconference with you and offer you personal counseling. For those students and families seeking the finest, most effective college counseling help the answer is clear: choose IvySelect !

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