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Unmatched College Application Essay Assistance

Most students find writing a college essay to be the most daunting piece of the college admissions puzzle. Anxiety, misinformation and a lack of knowledge get in the way of writing "winning" essays that may be the difference between success and failure in the admissions process. IvySelect†provides you with the expert guidance you need to get an edge over the competition, whether youíre seeking essay help for Ivy League applications or for other top 100 colleges.

No doubt, you have endless questions: What steps do I need to take to begin the writing process? What concepts and approaches separate ordinary personal statements from extraordinary essays? How many drafts will I need to write? How do I distinguish myself in relation to other applicants? How do I show different aspects of "who I am" through the multiple essays and "short answers" that are required by top universities?

IvySelectís comprehensive package provides all that you need.

The resources you have at your disposal are inadequate. School counselors lack the time to spend with you to work and revise essays until they are polished. Students also often incorrectly assume that, because they receive top grades in their English classes and read a book of successful Ivy League essays, they can write superior personal statements without assistance.

The college essay is totally different than the five-paragraph essays you're used to writing in high school. Admissions officers and your English teacher are looking for very different things. Often, English teachers advice related to college essays is misdirected, as they lack expertise in the college admissions process.

Our services are far beyond those of essay coaching companies, as we are professional college admissions counselors.

English teachers are not the only people who are not college admissions experts. Essay writing and coaching services hire individuals who may have a writing background, but one thing is certain: they are NOT professionally vetted college admissions counselors.

IvySelectís college consultants attend national conferences with admissions officers, talking to them about their universities and their unique admissions processes. We fly to professional development seminars in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information on admissions and colleges. We visit universities throughout the United States and abroad to help you shape essays that are relevant to each college.

As college essay specialists, we provide you with both our professional perspective and advantages that are light years beyond essay writing and coaching services. Drawing on our knowledge, experience and strategic guidance, your essays will be unique, first rate and most definitely will stand out from the crowd.

IvySelectís counselors will provide you with insight into how admissions officers evaluate your essays.

Without professional college admissions help, students often write what they believe admissions officers want to see. Applicants visualize a professorial looking man with grey-hair, bedecked in a tweed jacket and bow tie. While there are, no doubt, a few admissions officers who fit that profile, the vast majority of admissions staffers are not part of that demographic.

Writing to impress these hypothetical admissions gatekeepers can work against you and hurt your chances of entry to a top university. To be a successful applicant, you should put forth an authentic representation of who you are in your personal statements.

You will undoubtedly be surprised by what admissions officers will look for in your essays and how they will evaluate your writing. Due to the background and experience of IvySelectís college consultants, including the multiple conversations that we have with admissions officers, we are able to provide you with unsurpassed direction in writing authentic essays that achieve the necessary and desired impact.

IvySelectís college consultants work to identify "life themes" that resonate in your essays and throughout your application.

In the absence of proper guidance, students often write essays that lack passion and fail to reveal who they are. Their personal statements may also not connect with or be contrary to the †"life themes" †that emerge from various pieces of their applications, including their letters of recommendation, resumes as well as their academic and extracurricular profiles.

IvySelectís college advisors help you bring together your academic, extracurricular and summer activities, as well as your work, personal and family experiences in order to showcase them throughout your applications and essays. We assist you in making certain that, in admissions speak, there is the correct "resonance" across your application. That is, the essence of who you are will be consistently put forward in the relevant parts of your college admissions documents.

We provide unmatched professional writing and teaching assistance.

Knowing what to write isnít enough. You need to know how to write. Itís undoubtedly clear to you from experience that teachers, coaches and counselors have differing ability levels. You learn more from certain people. Quite frankly, some individuals have superior talent in teaching, in sharing what they know and in directing you to write at your highest level.

Mr. Goran, the Director of IvySelect , has a background as an award-winning writer and editor at a major New York publishing house. His experience will provide you with unsurpassed help as you tackle your essays. You will receive assistance on your essays from an Ivy League graduate with the top-flight ability and training to teach you how to write superior personal statements.

Likewise, our Associate Director has read tens of thousands of essays and applications to Ivy League schools in her previous role as Dean of Admission at two Ivy universities. She knows what makes personal statements stand out and applies her extensive experience to guide students to write first-rate essays.

In fact, our firmís unmatched ability to provide top-notch essay assistance extends to all members of our team. Our Senior College Admissions Consultant also possesses vast experience, having read thousands of essays in her capacity as an admissions committee member at an Ivy League university. She utilizes this background as she directs her students.

Our team of consummate professionals will assist you in writing personal statements that stand out in an incredibly competitive field.

We provide you with the guidance to write high-impact essays.

Although IvySelect†consultants do not write personal statements for applicants, we will assist you in brainstorming essay concepts that you undoubtedly would not have thought of yourself, assist you in crystallizing your thoughts, guide you when your ideas veer off in the wrong direction, and refuse to let you submit personal statements and other writings that don't answer the question or that don't make your strongest case.

We will assist you, in a comprehensive, months long process with the multiple essays and "short answers" you will need to write.

It is often a surprise to students that there is not one ďmasterĒ essay that can be used on all your applications. It is possible for you to use an essay on the Common Application and recycle it for a different school. Keep in mind, though, that many universities ask you to complete at least two essays in addition to your main Common App personal statement. In addition, there are 250-word "short answer" questions that pervade applications. Finally, there are often supplemental questions posed by colleges that are specific to their particular applications.

Submitting a polished "main" personal statement that your English teacher or an essay service assisted you with, and accompanying it with very awkwardly-phrased supplemental essays and short answers is a clear sign to admissions officers that you have had help with your primary essay. In this situation, you will lose impact and credibility.

Writing multiple essays that are of equal, first-rate quality requires direction, patience and hard work. Through extensive, interactive weekly meetings held over a period of months,†IvySelectís college counselors will make sure that your essays and "short answers" are in your voice, reveal various critical aspects of who you are and are of the foremost quality.

  • Initial Stage:
    • Examine and discuss your academic background, activities and interests
    • Take the time to get to know you and your family
    • Craft a strategic plan for your personal statements
    • Investigate your "life themes"
    • Discuss how admissions officers will evaluate your essays
    • Discuss preliminary concepts for essays

  • Essay Brainstorming:
    • Discuss successful methods to discover great essay ideas
    • Passions Approach
    • Consideration of the "Snow Plow" Method
    • The "What do I believe?" Approach
    • "Values" Method
    • Adjectives Approach
    • Open-Ended Thoughts & Experiences: activities, personal & family life, work, interests, philosophical

  • Synthesis:
    • "The Experience"†ó†outlining material which reinforces your positioning strategy
    • Significance of the Experience†ó†defining moments and the "take away"
    • Developing your Theme†ó†a truth revealed, demonstrating uniqueness
    • Pre-writing considerations†ó†authenticity, specificity and other elements
    • Averting trite topics & themes that admissions officers hate
    • Understanding what your question is asking
    • Discussing what you should include to answer a specific essay

  • Drafting:
    • Structural guidance
    • Teaching How To Edit†ó†objectives, content, organization, length, flow, clarity
    • Discuss critical "Do's & Don'ts"
    • Learning when to "kill your darlings"
    • Conveying emotion & passion
    • Story input
    • Character Development
    • The Absolute Importance of Authenticity
    • Grammar help
    • Ongoing critiques provided for personal statements and short answers
    • Multiple drafts to elevate essays

  • Polishing:
    • Honing your "Killer" Introduction
    • Polishing to heighten your positioning strategy
    • Polishing your ideas
    • Polishing essay flow
    • Polishing for maximum depth & focus
    • Polishing your Conclusion to achieve a sense of completion
    • Final Proofreading

Our strategic essay process is utilized for all your essays and short answers.

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