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Quadrangle, University of Pennsylvania. Used with permission.

Dartmouth College students cheer on the Big Green football team.  Used with permission.

Students & Parents


You're excited. You're anxious. One of life’s great adventures is just around the corner.

You're smart, ambitious and diligent. You have a solid work ethic, manifested by the hours you’ve put in to studying, your sports as well as your extracurricular activities, rising above the competition in the process. Regardless of whether you’re aiming to be the valedictorian of your class, or you’re giving all you’ve got to remain in the top 20% of students at your school, the pressures are deepening, intensified by the high goals that you set and the elite standards to which you hold yourself.

You're ready to put yourself out there and take that leap: to leave your family home, to be in a new and exciting environment, to discover, to learn, to give back, to meet interesting people and to succeed at a higher level. You are ready to embrace independence and adulthood. To get where you want to go, you must start here: the college process is upon you.

Your IvySelect college counselor helps you alleviate the stress that is inherent in the process. Let us assist you in achieving balance, because this should be a time for discovery, not anxiety. We’ll work with you so that you can have a fun and positive experience. Begin right here and now. Consider how this exploration will broaden your understanding of who you are, as well as uncover the educational and extracurricular possibilities that are out there awaiting you.

Ask yourself:

What are your academic goals? What are you passionate about? What subjects excite you? How will you make your life meaningful? How will you give back to society and your community? And, of course, where would you like to go college?

Your IvySelect college consultant will assist you in discovering the college of your dreams, but you need to do the work. Succeeding in the college admissions process will require you to put forth effort, plan, research, meet deadlines and demonstrate diligence and decision-making ability. In order to develop your college list, managing the details is imperative. The entire process can be overwhelming.

Considering the importance of college admission, it should be clear that you require expert assistance. No matter whether you are looking for a college counselor to assist you with applications to the Ivies, or you are seeking a top-notch college consultant for other top 100 colleges, at IvySelect we offer first-rate counseling. Your IvySelect independent educational consultant will be your confidante, your advocate, and, of utmost importance, your professional counselor.


You're stressed. You're overwhelmed that the admissions process has changed so dramatically since you were in school. You want to avoid errors and help your child maximize their chance of getting into a top school. You want your child to find a great fit. You don't want to be the "admissions police." You want a calm, objective professional to handle it all. You want to ensure your child’s happiness and success. You know you require expert assistance.

The selective and highly selective school college admissions processes has become increasingly complex and competitive. The bar for achievement has never been higher. Parents and students alike, no matter how well informed, are not college admissions experts.

IvySelect provides the expertise that you need. Our college admissions counselors take on a pivotal role in one of the biggest decisions your family will make. Through our comprehensive and individualized services, we offer professional guidance, whether your child is seeking an Ivy League college admissions consultant or needs help applying to top 100 selective private colleges or popular public flagship universities.

IvySelect college counselors deliver the individualized attention that many guidance counselors simply cannot offer. Although our experience has been that most school-based counselors are dedicated and have a good knowledge base, they do not have a great deal of time to meet each student’s needs. As a result of high student-to-counselor ratios and a slate of duties outside of college counseling that they are required to perform, school-based counselors cannot offer the high-level, personalized attention to their students that is of even greater importance when applying to highly selective universities.

Private school college counselors with lower student-to-counselor ratios also face limitations. Their mandate is often to maximize the class admissions profile, which may be at the expense of the individual student. Private school counselors, like their public-school peers, are generally not available outside of school hours. Moreover, given the constraints of their schedules, private school counselors generally have limited ability to review and offer help with the numerous short answers and essays students are required to write in their applications to highly selective universities and colleges.

IvySelect college counselors have no conflicting agendas. We advocate only for your son or daughter. We provide one-to-one counseling and manage all the requirements of the admissions process to alleviate the pressure on you. We are available to meet and provide support and guidance to both you and your child after school hours. We serve as a buffer and provide a calming influence in a process that might otherwise be filled with stress.

Each IvySelect college consultant provides an external, objective voice, obviating your need to serve as the "admissions police." As your son or daughter initiates the separation process, battles may ensue related to issues of control and independence. We don't want the admissions process to get in the middle of your relationship with your child. Let us serve as the intermediary, so that the final year before your child goes to college can be relaxing and enjoyable.

IvySelect’s team of exceptional college counselors specializes in meeting the needs of high-ability students and student-athletes gearing for admission to top colleges. We formulate a strategic plan aimed toward success. We make certain that all pertinent deadlines are met. We develop your child’s college list with a solid foundation of knowledge and assurance. Applications are polished to stand out and interview techniques are honed. Essays are created under the tutelage of an award-winning writer, in order to showcase the student's unique voice in a thematically compelling way.

We help maximize your child’s choices, with the result being a much greater probability of a successful college match. In essence, we take away the uncertainty of what to do and replace it with a sense of calm and confidence as your child goes through the college admissions process.

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