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Why IvySelect ?

Top College Counselors for the Top 5-10% of Students
IvySelect is one of the world’s best college counseling firms, offering unsurpassed assistance to high-ability students, student-athletes, and students gearing for careers in medicine, law and business, seeking admission to Ivy League, elite and top 100 colleges. For those students in the top 5%-10% of their class, your IvySelect college counselor will help you elevate your profile and maximize your competitiveness in the admissions process to the most highly selective universities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. IvySelect offers the vital expertise to help you navigate the process as you seek admission to Ivy League schools, peer institutions like MIT, Stanford, Duke and Chicago, or elite liberal arts colleges such as Williams, Amherst, Pomona and Middlebury.

Unsurpassed College Counseling for Students Ranked in the Top 10-25%
IvySelect’s college counseling team also provide first-rate comprehensive and detailed college counseling help to bright students in the top 10%-25%  of their classes who will be competitive applicants to top 100 colleges. Whether world-class public flagship institutions like Michigan, Berkeley, Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland are your dream schools, or you want to attend selective private liberal arts colleges such as Oberlin, Bard, Skidmore and Kenyon, or national private universities like Boston College, NYU, USC, George Washington, Boston University and Emory are at the top of your list, we can help. Your IvySelect college consultant will assist you in developing a spectrum of wonderful college choices that are great matches from both the intellectual and emotional perspectives.

Unrivaled Talent, Intelligence & Real-World Background
Our college counselors have the requisite mix of talent, intelligence and real-world experience that translates into a distinct advantage for you in the college admissions process to selective and highly selective schools. We provide top-flight direction in a manner that increases your knowledge and your choices. IvySelect’s college admissions consultants also furnish you with the knowledge you need to avoid critical errors. Our unrivaled expertise will help raise your competitive stature to the top colleges that match your needs as well as your personal and academic goals.

Academic Credentials & Key Memberships Affiliations Make Us Different
You can unequivocally rely on our educational and professional experience. Many college consultants lack the necessary training, degrees & background to achieve membership in the profession’s leading educational organizations. Other counselors do not want to be subject to the rigorous requirements that are imposed on association members, including attending conferences, visiting college campuses, professional development and, of most significance, standards of ethics and good practice. IvySelect’s Director, on the other hand, has both the top-flight credentials and is a member of the foremost educational associations that will inspire your confidence. He is an Ivy League graduate, holds a Juris Doctor Degree from a top 25 law school and completed the Graduate-Level Certificate Program in College Counseling from UCLA. Further, our Director holds memberships in the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA), the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), the Western Association for College Admission Counseling (WACAC), and is one of about 375 Professional Members in the world to have the requisite background to be designated a College Specialist by the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). Each of these associations has professional and educational standards to join. In all of these associations, members are subject to best practice and ethics requirements.

Specialists in Top Colleges 
IvySelect’s college admissions consultants gear their research, visitations, contacts, college-related reading, and professional development toward gathering up-to-date, essential information concerning Ivy League admissions, as well as the school culture, academics and environment at the Ivies and their peer institutions, carrying through to the  top 100 colleges and universities in the nation.

Your Best Fit College Discovered
IvySelect’s college counselors analyze the specific attributes of each school we place on your list in the context of your passions and goals. By utilizing our expertise, our college consulting staff is able to assess the best fit for our high-ability and motivated students. We help students and parents shift their focus past the prestige and “bragging rights” associated with highly selective college admissions. Instead, we provide you with the tools to find the environment where you will be happy, academically engaged and flourish. Your IvySelect college counselor will assist you in discovering the university that will give you the foundation you need to be successful, both economically and professionally, in an ever more competitive global arena.

Compassionate College Counseling
We make you our top priority. Each IvySelect college counselor is more than simply your advocate. We care deeply not only about your academic success but your happiness as well. We offer you support, motivation and provide you with a sounding board. We help minimize stress. We are there for you when you need us.

Eminent International College Counselors
A vital component of our practice is assisting international students who are seeking admission to top-tier American liberal arts colleges and universities. IvySelect’s international college consultants are well informed about variations in educational systems in different countries. In fact, our Director is one of the first and one of just 17 Professional Members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) in the world who are also College Specialists to have been awarded the International Specialty Designation, due to his sophisticated understanding, experience and education in this specialized discipline. We use this background to help you make informed choices, in many cases becoming your "eyes and ears." A large number of international students may not have the chance to visit American college campuses of interest. IvySelect’s international college counselors use our experience to detail and flesh out a picture of the universities as well as the geographic regions that they call home. We assist you in dealing with and adjusting to cultural differences. We adeptly navigate you through the unique and oft-times confusing admissions process at American colleges and universities. Of utmost importance, we will assist you in uncovering your best-fit colleges, so that your transition to studying at an American school will be as effortless as practicable.

Medical, Law, Business & Graduate School Counseling Specialists
As independent educational consultants, IvySelect’s counselors have expertise that extends beyond college consulting. We also specialize in counseling for professional and graduate schools. For those students seeking medical school counseling, an IvySelect Senior College Admissions Consultant can offer unparalleled help. She is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobiology at the Yale University School of Medicine and, over the past decade, has served on the Yale Medical School Admissions Committee. If you’re looking for law school assistance, IvySelect’s Director merges his real-world background as both an educational consultant and practicing attorney to offer you the top-flight law school admissions counseling you’re seeking. Whether you’re looking for guidance for the entire process, or just one facet, such as law school essays, we can help. Our business school counseling is available for both high school students applying to undergraduate business programs as well as college students applying to graduate business schools. The continuity of service we provide from undergraduate to graduate programs, offers perspective and an awareness of what may be on the horizon for many top high-school students, as well as offering college graduates the counseling they need to further their education.

Transfer Assistance for College Students
If you are unhappy at your current school, whether it is “not the right fit” or does not offer the resources you’re looking for, IvySelect’s college counselors possess the background and knowledge to help you transfer. The transfer admissions process to selective and highly selective colleges is very competitive. Making a worthy and convincing case that your current school is not a good fit, while defining how transferring to a particular college will specifically meets your needs, takes a thoughtful approach. We will offer you first-rate advice and assistance in this unique application process. Wherever you fall along the continuum, IvySelect’s college consultants will provide you with the top-notch professional counseling and support you require.


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